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Date 2022-10-04

We believe that we need to change. In such a rapidly changing media environment, “change” is the only unchangeable thing. We broke the traditional separations between communication specialties, and reconstructed communication knowledge to equip the students with critical thinking, communication skills, creativity, and innovation ability. 

In order to encourage the students to explore and learn in various communication areas and to increase the students’ competitive ability, we built an undeclared major for the first and second year undergraduate students, and offer many courses including six compulsory courses (18 credits in total) and a range of elective courses which the students can choose from. 

By taking courses from a variety of communication specialties, the students can uncover their passions and strengths. They will also have many opportunities to meet other students with different backgrounds and interests to enrich their learning experience and broaden their interpersonal network. 

In the third year at NCCU Communication College, the students are required to declare a major offered at the department of Journalism, the department of advertising or the department of Radio & Television. Reference the Diploma Requirements for more information.


Who should attend?

Students who are interested in communication and media, and expect to make social impact.

Students who like critical thinking, observing, and analyzing various information about media users.

Students who are creative and fond of content and media design and storytelling.

Students who are good at writing, filming, or making art, and have good communication and leadership skills.

Students who are adept at reflective practice, eager to improve the current situation, and able to face new challenges with enthusiasm.

Career Pathways
Graduates who are interested in the news media and information industry can consider the following career options such as Anchor, Journalist, Editor, TV or Radio Show Host, Information Curator, Writer, Social Media Influencer, and Researcher. 

Graduates who are interested in the video production industry can consider the following career options such as Director, Script Writer, Producer, Script Supervisor, Director of Photography, and Event Planner. 

Graduates who are interested in the marketing and advertising industry can consider the following career areas such as public relation, advertising copywriting, marketing, integrated marketing, art marketing, digital marketing, and e-commerce design. 

Graduates who are interested in digital content design can consider the following career areas such as game design, app design, big data analysis and application, and prompt engineering. 

Graduates who are interested in public and voluntary sectors can consider the following career options such as Spokesperson, Politician, Government PR, Legislative Assistant, and Government Tourism Promoter.